I began freelance editing in 2011, focusing mainly on RPGs. I was a co-host of the podcast “All Games Considered” (www.agcpodcast.info) and I was also the Gaming Track coordinator for ConGlomeration (www.conglomeration.info) through 2018. I am still contributing to the convention by running games in our 24-hour game room. 2019’s adventures include C20, Part-Time Gods, and Ninja Crusade.

I’m pleased and proud to say that the list of projects I’ve worked on has gotten a little long for one page, so I have divided them up by publisher:

Angry Hamster Publishing

Blackwyrm Publishing

Evil Beagle Games

Fantasy Flight Games

Fabled Environments

Gallant Knight Games

Hex Games

Khepera Publishing

Metal Weave Games

Nerdburger Games

Nisaba Press

Onyx Path Publishing

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

R. Talsorian Games

Rosswyvern Press

Sarah Orr Aten

Sigil Entertainment Group

Third Eye Games

Wet Ink Games

For inquiries, samples, and availability please contact me at carol (dot) darnell at twc (dot) com

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